The installation of the directory structure of SQLSERVER2005 (lower)

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The installation of the directory structure of SQLSERVER2005 (lower)

Part one introduces some of the settings in the registry of the SQLSERVER store, this article introduced him in your hard drive storage which components and tools

Take you into the world of SQLSERVER

Part of the address.:

There are several folders in Microsoft SQL Server inside this folder

One by one, look at what's in each folder

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The first 80 this folder location, C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server

Some DLL SQL2000 COM folder, estimation is used SQL2000 function

In the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Tools\binn in this directory service tool DTSRun SQL2000 data

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90 this folder, position: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90

90 this folder something more, after all, SQL2005 has many powerful functions than SQL2000

In the COM folder, tablediff this relatively well-known form comparison tools, many of these tools than SQL2000 rich

The DTS directory of the tools are written for data conversion functions, including some Oracle to SQLSERVER conversion module

SQLSERVER import / Export Wizard also in this directory

In the following SDK this folder, there is some function of SQLSERVER development of the API, but also C++ header files and library gives you a call

EULA is the number of service protocol in the txt documentation

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared

Some common components and tools under the Shared folder, remember that after every time the patch will pop up this“Under the environment of Vista SQLSRVER user settings

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools

The Tools folder contains most of the tools of SQLSRVER

For example: The BCP command , SQLdiag diagnostic tool, Sqlmonitor monitoring replication toolIn the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL under the Server\Tools\Binn directory

Also in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Tools\Publishing directory publishing tool, but just say 100 when this folder has been said

Some of the OLAP template in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL under the Server\Tools\Templates\olap52 directory

When the OLAP analysis is estimated to call this folder template

And when SQL Trace has some defaultThe trace template, The default template should be called C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Tools\Profiler\Templates\Microsoft SQL Server in this directory

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Focus on the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Setup Bootstrap explain this directory!!!

Setup Bootstrap this folder to store the setup log SQLSERVER setup and installation process, very important

If you have not installed successfully, we need to see is the folder in the setup log

If you accidentally uninstalled some components of SQLSERVER, can find the setup in this folder, reinstall you uninstall components

The control panel in the "add / Remove Program" is also called ARPWrapper app for SQLSERVER components uninstall

On the installation log explanation, there is no detailed said, because before I had written an article.

Address: error log number and find the SQLSERVER SQLSERVER installation error log

Reference books online files on CHM

1033 folder is the English version, the Chinese version of the folder is 2052

Install the component calls in the SQLSERVER installation process is also inSetup BootstrapCall in this folder

Microsoft is ready after each SQLSERVER version of the installed file, RTF format, to make corresponding call according to your installed version

In fact, Microsoft software with the software we develop are the same, all need to prepare the corresponding documents to call display, decoupling, in-depth understanding of the file directory structure of SQLSERVER

You will feel with the structure of our software development is about the same, but inside the code inside the SQLSERVER will be more advanced, but the SQLSERVER software with the file we are basically


The problem: WhySetup BootstrapThis folder is not put in the MSSQL.1 folder.?

Because if you delete the database engine, you want to reload the database, where to find the installation program.?

SoSetup BootstrapThis folder is not put in the MSSQL.1 folder, even delete the database engine, so also in

Setup BootstrapFind the setup.exe re install folder

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100 this folder thing less, because I do not have SQL2008 installed, so less.

Position: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100

100 this folder is not what to say, SDK this folder are some function development of SQLSERVER API

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Start MSSQL.1, MSSQL.2, MSSQL.3 this three folders.



MSSQL.3: SQLExpress


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Open the MSSQL.1, see the following folder, there are a few do not know what is the use of paper.

In the Install folder some installation scripts, when you accidentally deleted some function or database, you can find the script on the inside and then perform the installation

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\LOG

LOGErrorLog, file tracking log, and maintenance plan and report and record, when you create a maintenance plan, you do not specify the maintenance plan and report and record

The storage location, then the maintenance plan and report and record default stored in theC:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\LOGThis position

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MSSQL.2 is a SSAS, because I contact SSAS is relatively small, so not much to say

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ReportManager is a ASP.NET Web program, the management of the whole ReportService report system

Which contains the

ReportBuilder: to create SSRS report software

ReportViewer: View the report control

To open the configuration report server configuration, can be in the configuration manager SSRS service where open

Database to generate a script to generate ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB two database

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Go to sleep, tomorrow for a micro message public platform we hope to be able to read, as are some Liushui Zhang, if you could read it

I believe you must have a qualitative leap in SQLSERVER o(∩_∩)o

If you have anything to add, or article is incorrect, welcome everybody clap brick!!

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