Unable to connect to the WebStorm using Chrome to solve the issues when debuggin

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    Ready to learn HTML5, The decision to use WebStorm as IDE, In the debugging with WebStorm or LiveEdit function, And Chrome always does not connect, WebStome in the prompt"Waiting for connection from JetBrains IDE Support extension for Chrome.Please ensure you have installed the extension or see Help. ", But Chrome JetBrains IDE Support extension is already installed and enabled.

    On the principles of the commissioning of the WebStorm built-in Web server, will start at WebStorm startup, this is the new WebStorm6.0 function, the Web server on port 63342, and cannot be modified. So when you create a project called myproject, hypothesis, then in the browser can access through the http://localhost:63342/myproject. Then Chrome JetBrains IDE Support extension is connected to the Web server, JetBrains IDE Support extended attributes can be modified in the Web server address and port.

    Follow this principle, found that WebStorm did not listen on port 63342, but listen to several other port, using one of the is bound to the TCP port, pleasantly surprised discovery can be connected, in the browser can also open the web site. It is puzzled why not listen on port 63342, and the listener ports each time will change. This function to make such how to use it, every time you want to have a look monitor which port, alas.

    Later found WebStorm7.0 can set the port, but is not officially released, visible WebStorm6.0 the built-in Web server function is very chicken ribs.

Report of the version information:

WebStorm 6.0.2 build 129.664

Java 7

Windows 764



    Then installed WebStorm7.0 EAP 130.753, was found to bind more than 62734 ports will be errors, such as: "ChannelException: Failed to bind to: Failed to bind to:", failed to bind will randomly to bind a port, rules not known. The binding of 62734 and below port can be successful, but appear to bind the 2 ports, one is set, another seems to be randomly assigned to bind failed. But LiveEdit is very unstable.

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Posted by Merle at December 10, 2013 - 1:25 PM