Windows repair UEFI partition assign

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Want to come into this post comrades should not need me the popularization of basic knowledge about the EFI boot partition. About how I put the partition do bad I have not mentionedTitter

So get right to the point, repair tool I use a piece of burning the official windows mirrored the U disk, I like this way, because the PE disk is also very troublesome, but may need to use third party tools, no end.

UEFI to boot from the U disc, the first screen mounting system to the shift, according to + F10 to open the command line mode. From the first check the hard disk to disk to operate, must first enter the Diskpart command, into the operating disk mode.

Then enter the help to see what the command, "help command" that can view the corresponding command.

diskpart // Enter disk mode, wait a few seconds

First have a look yourself a few disks.

list disk

Generally only one, then select the first.

select disk 0 // Select the first hard disk

Then have a look this hard drive partitions, general EFI partition is also the first, not in the first on their own to find a way to determine the size, should be 100MB, not sure more trouble. Then we select it.

list partition // Partition
select partition 1 // Select the first partition
This time if you partition type is incorrect, or you see it uncomfortable, can give him to type.

format fs=fat32

Even if the partition does not exist then you must first create a partition, this method well on their own search under you, not difficult, in fact, have a look with the help command, refer to the following example it is easy to be. type we got to specify that it is a EFI partition.

set id=C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B
The equal sign that a bunch of things is fixed, can use help set to find, to illustrate the knock is certainly no problem. We next to the partition is assigned a drive letter.

list vol // View has spent the letter
assign letter=f // Whatever one has no letter, here do not need special care, the use of the letter does not affect after the start of the
Here the disk operation is completed, we exit this mode.

exit // Exit disk mode
And then repair, is actually the deployment must file to the specified partition.

bcdboot c:\windows /s f: // Here before we deployed to the distribution of the f disc
Then fork out the command line and the window to let the system to restart, this should have been able to select windows at the boot list, if the selection system is not smooth also please do not panic, just start again from the U disk, a step down after the first screen choose the language in the second screen, the bottom left corner "repair your computer", click on it is automatic repair, basic can solve the problem.
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Posted by Pamela at December 09, 2013 - 4:43 PM