Don't tell me you are a programmer

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  Edsger Wybe Dijkstra once said, a BASIC programming experience are difficult to learn good programming habits. As potential programmers, they are idiotic and can't be repaired.

  Master is master, their words are often not but was correct, also a wake up now. As long as the BASIC into other XX language, his words are still valid.

  Many &ldquo programmers to use; ” floating point math library based programming, but the basic principle of the floating point number and floating point arithmetic know nothing at all, is a case in point. They too rely on the so-called library or ready-made method, left the library nothing to write, but the nature of Library know nothing at all, just in the imagination thought they knew.

  I'm not against the use of library, library can bring convenience, can improve the productivity. I object to is the nature of Library know nothing at all or abuse Library in the wrong places, though occasionally (often) this abuse can “ ”. But in the final analysis this is to build a house on the beach, is based on luck and chance of success based on the “ ”, is at risk, is playing with fire. Like a child playing with fire, hundreds of times are not necessarily caused a fire, but this play, sooner or later will stand on the big thing.

  On many math library “ &rdquo programmers know nothing at all; to float, for what can be “ &rdquo programmer, I is the judgment standard;:

Do not use floating-point type data, computing the exact values of 1.23 square, language is not restricted.

  This standard is scientific, welcome the views.

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Posted by Tina at November 16, 2013 - 7:30 PM