Eclipse install the UML plugin (AmaterasUML)

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Official website:

    Scope of application: Eclipse version 3.3 and above

    Other requirements: JDT , GEF

    Installation method: 1, install the AmaterasUML plugin

    In the official website, download the latest version of AmaterasUML_1.3.4.tar. Then decompression, three documents will the unpacked copy paste to the directory [ECLIPSE_HOME]\plugins (your directory is not the same as mine) under.

2, Install JDT, GEF

    Method of installing the GEF online installation the installation of JDT and GEF. Not repeated here.

3, Restart Eclipse

    1, The 2 step is completed, restart Eclipse, you can use the AmaterasUML. As for the use of methods, see the official website. Here is a map

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Posted by Jonathan at May 08, 2014 - 4:42 PM