WMAP error

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Apache can't start the requested operation has failed, a method to solve the following:
1.80 port occupied
Apache use the default port is 80, while the IIS and the thunder also use port 80.

2 software conflict
Installed some software will make Apache cannot start the Dr.com -> property of the TcpIp open network connections; -> high -> WINS tags to check out NetBIOS lmhosts, disable tcp/ip netbios. and then start should be able to.

3.httpd.conf configuration error
Error Apache configuration file httpd.conf, start it in windows, the requested operation has failed will prompt. Solution: start the Apache with the command line mode, with parameters, Apache will prompt you to which sentence is wrong, then they can be targeted to solve, the following command: httpd.exe -w -n "Apache2" -k start

There is a situation:
Even if you are the start, the next time you may have failed to start
The input in the operation.: netsh winsock reset
While CMD will prompt you to restart, ignore, now APACHE can already started.
Is actually a Winsock repair
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Posted by Austin at December 29, 2013 - 2:43 AM