Creative style and design trend of design in the design of the blue Webpage back

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CorrectThe background windYou can set the tone for the entire site. We collected a batch of using large images, bright color or pattern as a background.
Excellent site, hope to explore fashion design wind from the present site.

The most suitable for your site, what kind of background, this is not a fixed pattern, but there are some common factors:
Background of the Internet content should have a purpose.
Background and brand wind you agree;.
The text background should be easy to read (both color, contrast or size. The background of the topic should be coherent) throughout the entire site.
The background should be able to quickly download and don't let your website becomes slow and even death card.
What is now the trend?

Like clothing and hairstyles will change, wind Webpage design also is changing. For the background, the trend is particularly prominent.
At present, a number of websites with larger in the first screen. Some of the background is clear, realistic (such as photographs and illustrations), while others may be abstract and obscure. The large size, void or fuzzy figure can be seen everywhere.
Color background is also very popular, but black and white are not usually that will never go out of style. Many designers use strong, strong color to help website content stand out from the background.
Finally, pattern and texture too many. But the size of the shape has changed a lot. More and more websites use large pattern in the background,
The once popular is a small pattern. A large area of the pattern with low contrast content has a very delicate feeling. The subtle texture background is also very popular, to add the true feelings.

Clear image

Using the true, clear image will never go out of fashion, but the prevalence and otherwise depends on the use of the method. This image is more and more is now directly as a background, rather than as other background picture. The illustrations are also increasingly popular. Similarly, the color is very important, because it determines the quality of the illustrations.

Fuzzy image or virtual

The use of false or fuzzy graph will be somewhat complex. It is only in the picture itself is good quality of the circumstances under which it will bring good results, if in order to conceal the picture quality inferior to empty, the effect will be run counter to one's desire. We need to make it clear why take a picture of virtual. Sometimes fuzzy obviously there will be good results (like soft Humaan sites in the mountains), and sometimes just need to empty a slight enough.


Bright colors are popular and attracted more and more attention. A large number of designers choose to create depth and contrast the use of color.

Black or white

Black and white is the color of the background of the classic, it is also simple to use. You can easily produce contrast font (even small words), and never out of date. If you add some subtle spatial processing, black or white background will look more fashionable. Foundry Co. uses lines to strengthen the role of color contrast, large area and Designing Monsters in the dark color (black and white contrast).

The pattern or texture

Don't worry about the strong pattern background. Repeated splicing block pattern, now can be seen everywhere. Delicate texture can add realism to design. The key lies in the design of such popular appropriate contrast. Please see the Alfred website purple, you might want to carefully check to pay attention to cross pattern in the background.


Background can determine the tone of the site. In the final decision, you can try various options -- photos, color, or pattern. Don't feel any bondage. The examples above, those who can cause the most interest in the website not only uses a unique background in vision, mostly adopts second grade of the background color, as in the photo above, writing in both. Of course, in the choice of background topics, take into account your content. Remember that the most important web design principles: Make your site easy to read.

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Posted by Katherine at December 07, 2013 - 6:49 AM