Web development of the most useful 50 jQuery plug-in collection -- "effects".

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   Web development of the most useful 50 jQuery plug-in collection "series of articles to share the most innovative 50 jQuery plug-in, the plug-in is divided into the following categories: webpage layout plug-in plug-in, navigation, form plugin, slider and disk plug-in plug-in, charts, pictures effects plug-ins, video card and so on, will continue to share with you, remember attention and collection.

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  TiltShift.js is a great plugin for jQuery, use the CSS3 image filter to realize shift lens effect.

  Very simple to use, use the data property to configuration parameters, the HTML sample:

<img src="url" class="tiltshift" data-position="50" data-blur="2" data-focus="10" data-falloff="10" data-direction="y">

  JavaScript call example:

$(function() {

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The effect of presentation

jQuery Picture

  JQuery Picture is a used to add response pictures in the webpage of plug-in, show different images in different equipment size.

  The HTML code examples:

<figure class="responsive" data-media="assets/images/small.png" data-media440="assets/images/medium.png" data-media600="assets/images/large.png" title="A Half Brained Idea">
        <img src="assets/images/large.png" alt="A Half Brained Idea">

  The JavaScript sample:


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The effect of presentation

3D Image Slider

  3D the picture sliding effect is very cool, a demonstration effect of five kinds of gorgeous. Use the sample as follows:

  HTML code:

<ul id="sb-slider" class="sb-slider">
        <a href="#" target="_blank">
            <img src="images/1.jpg" alt="image1"/>
        <div class="sb-description">
            <h3>Creative Lifesaver</h3>
        <img src="images/2.jpg" alt="image2"/>
        <div class="sb-description">
    <li><!-- ... --></li>
    <!-- ... -->

  Provides many configuration options, and can be adjusted according to needs, the following is the default option:

$.Slicebox.defaults = {
    orientation : 'v',
    perspective : 1200,
    cuboidsCount : 5,
    cuboidsRandom : false,
    maxCuboidsCount : 5,
    disperseFactor : 0,
    colorHiddenSides : '#222',
    sequentialFactor : 150,
    speed : 600,
    easing : 'ease',
    autoplay : false,
    interval: 3000,
    fallbackFadeSpeed : 300,
    onBeforeChange : function( position ) { return false; },
    onAfterChange : function( position ) { return false; }

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The effect of presentation

Image Transitions

60+ Impressive Jquery Image Gallery, Lightbox, Tabs, Menu, Text Effects

  Picture switching effects, let a person be struck dumb with Flip, Multi-flip, Rotation, Cube, Unfold and other special effects.

  1. Demo 1: Flip
  2. Demo 2: Rotate
  3. Demo 3: Multi-Flip
  4. Demo 4: Cube
  5. Demo 5: Unfold
  6. Demo 6: Others

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The effect of presentation

Responsive Img

  The SRC attribute Responsive Img this jQuery plugin can automatically replace the picture according to the size of the container, so as to realize the response type picture display.

  The HTML sample code:

<img id="img2" src="images/image.png" style="width:49%;" />
<img id="img3" src="images/image.png" style="max-width:49%;" />

  The JavaScript sample code:


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The effect of presentation

Portfolio Image Navigator

  Image navigation effect of exquisite, the arrow control through four directions, applications for works of.

  The default parameter configuration example code is as follows:

    image: {
        width: 600,
        height: 400,
        margin: 20
    path: {
        width: 10,
        height: 10,
        marginTop: 5,
        marginLeft: 5
    animationSpeed: 400

  The plug-in download

The effect of presentation

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