Win7 (64 SP1 Oracle10g) system installation

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The word does not say more, say no more, below to begin the work:

First, download the Oracle installation files, I downloaded the file name is, I'm Win7 (32 flagship system) installed no problem, but in the 64 problems.

Two, I didn't install those online practice, change a lot of things, I still according to Win7 (32 flagship system installation method),

  1,Before installing please your JRE installation, I use JDK version is: jdk-6u25-windows-i586, JDK when installing the JRE is installed, it is convenient, then there is no need to install.

  I use JRE to download address:

  2,Fig. effect of Oracle after decompression.:


  3,The right choice “ compatibility troubleshooter &rdquo, as shown in the following figure;


  It will be based on your selection step by step, start the installation program.

  4,The preparations are complete, select “ advanced installation”:


  5,I selected is the Standard Version, you can choose according to demand


  6,If you have not installed, then the name column inside the end should be the number 1. If before installing, please uninstall clean; not uninstall clean will appear the number 2, 3, 4..

  The path you choose, please do not put it in with the Program Files (x86), the Program Files folder, so as to avoid the late appearance of unnecessary trouble.


  7,In the first list, there will be a test, you click it, and then continue to the next step


  8,The following steps are almost by default




  9,I'm here database named by default; select the database character set, select “ Unicode UTF-8 AL32UTF8  ”.

  Also it doesn't matter if there is no choice, you just installed after CMD to modify it, here is not much.


  10,I acquiesced to the following, we modify modify according to their own will






  11,Database password, if their computer, save trouble.


  12,Click the “ installation”


  13,The installation process will appear in the


  14,Click the “ ”, you can click the password management, test whether can log.


  15,By default, without any action






  At this point, the interface installed successfully. But the Oracle installation is successful, we began to test:

  1,Suppose the global database: orcl, execute the command, if the following annotation of “ OK”, not tested, success.


Three, after installation, abnormal

  1,Network environment change could not be started


  The emergence of such a situation many times, I often appear this kind of problem, have a problem to solve, can not stay.

  To find what is the reason, the problem is unable to start OEM, because your computer IP address is not stable, not unified, so will appear this kind of circumstance.

  In the CMD environment, the code as follows:

C:/Users/Administrator>set ORACLE_SID=TEST 
C:/Users/Administrator>emctl stop dbconsol 
Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control Release 
Copyright (c) 1996, 2005 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. 

  Because IP often words, you can modify the configuration file, to put things right once and for all effect:

  This paper firstly find: D:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\BIN\emctl.bat

  And then add code in one place:



  As shown in Fig.:



  2,After installation page will pop up a login page:  ,

  In the page background login error java.lang.Exception: Exception in sending Request:: abnormal solution null:

  The fundamental reasons for this problem is the time zone setting problem, the solution is to modify the configuration file time zone.

  Shut down OEM, and then open the installation file D:\oracle\product.2.0\db_1\ computer name _orcl\sysman\config\

  Find the last line, the original GTM to Asia/Shanghai.


  In general, this setup is complete, restart it. May encounter errors: database error Io anomaly:  Unknown host specified 

  3,If Io encountered this problem, time parameters to the new configuration then manually register configuration, use the following command:

set ORACLE_SID=youdbsid 
emctl stop dbconsole 
emctl config agent getTZ 
emctl start dbconsol 

  4,About PL SQL login time display: ora-12541:TNS: no listener error solution

  I have this problem with no prior treatment 1, problems, when I disposed of the first question, has solved second problems, the problem would be solved. Or do you still have a kind of method is to establish a listener from the new.

  Thus, the installation of Oralce has come to an end. Wish you work smoothly.

  Please respect the labor, reproduced please write reprint.:   


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Posted by Rupert at November 15, 2013 - 5:09 PM