Andriod you must restart adb and eclipse

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Today I watched video learning Andriod, boot time went wrong

         I tried a method, N Google is invalid, the solution I tell you, the hope can help you.

First of all, I first set me to search, you can also try.

1, Close the eclipse and in the process kills adb.exe, and then restart.

2, If there is a real connection, unplug the prototype, repeat step 1,

3, Turn off the eclipse, then the following command at the command line operation

adb kill-server

adb start-server

Then restart eclipse

There are other similar measures will no longer here to say,

My problem is most fundamental is port 5037 is occupied, run netstat -a on the command line, there will be a bunch of things, to find out if there were about 5073 port things, after I test my to be something, so my port is used,

But I have adb.exe to kill, so something else takes up the port, memory, what is the most recent operation and before different is the use of pea pods, even under the prototype, it is possible that pea occupied,

I'll close down eclipse, I killed the pea in the process, and then restart the eclipse command line, after executing ADB reboot; in the following cases


Can be seen that the port is back, daemon is opened, but before the error in the console daemon is failed to open, now basically solved the problem. Here we do not recommend the pea pod set to boot. This can reduce the

Development in the face of error. 

If you and I have the same with pea pods mounted APK developers encounter such problems can try this method, finally, I suggest you install APK or push or instal is best to use the command line, 

 In fact, I claim no such third party software, sometimes the most primitive method is the most convenient. 



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Posted by Tina at November 13, 2013 - 8:31 PM