The Xcode plugin

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The ancients cloud "to do good work must first sharpen his tools", to create a powerful development environment, is an excellent way to immediately improve their combat effectiveness! The following are some of the powerful XCode plug-in collection.
1 universal search CodePilot 2
Are you looking for a file? The folder is? Is the code? Never Mind, CMD+SHIFT+X V CodePilot, enter any you want to search! Want to search appFinishLaunchingWithOptions? Forget how to spell? Never mind the powerful code search capability, appflaun can also find! Regular super powerful matching, matching anything you want!
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2.Vim control for XVim
XVim is a Xcode for the Vim plugin, VIM will allow developers to experience without giving up any of the Xcode functions functions.

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3.YouCompleteMe (VIM plugin)
If you like to use VIM to write the code words, there is a great plugin for VIM -- YouCompleteMe -- when you write OC code, can enhance the experience. YouCompleteMe can add code auto completion feature in Vim, and does not require you to press a key to view the code completion suggestions -- for OC, OC++, C++ and C, the plug-in can auto complete suggestions.
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4.XCode color display plug-in ColorSense
The cold color numerical code, what color it? If you often encounter this problem, often have to run down to have a look the simulator, then this plugin is not to be missed. More tough is that you can even color panel click display, directly through the ColorPicker system to automatically generate the corresponding color code, no longer do various color code conversion.!
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The 5 section of the text tool HOStringSense
Often when the text input, if the text inside a newline and special characters, often can let a person very headache, with HOStringSense, no longer need not anxious for this problem, the way a word count function.
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6 standard annotations generator VVDocumenter
Most of the time, in order to rapid development, many of the technical document is saved, this time annotation becomes more important, together with Doxygen annotations for this document, perfect. But every time to manually enter the standardized annotation, is also troublesome, but with VVDocumenter, the standardized annotation, the main need to input three slashes "X", OK! (VVDocumenter in Mac OSX 10.8.5 and Xcode 4.6.3 on the development, should be able to support all the Xcode 4 version, if you want to support Xcode 5, can be modified on a plist file.
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7.CocoaPods for Xcode
Very convenient Xcode pods plugin. It is easy in Xcode pods through the installation of a variety of Objective-C third party libraries, without ever to manually run pods command line trouble; in addition, also supported to install the library files based on cocoaDocs. The only regret is, it currently only supports Xcode5, version 4 also can not use.
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8.Xcode syntax highlighting plugin
Before using eclipse development, own have syntax highlighting effect. IOS development for a long time, but didn't find a syntax highlighting plugin for Xcode, their effect is only in turn below the amount or class name with a dotted line, usually read the code to very uncomfortable, recently determined as Xcode wrote a syntax highlighting plugin, but function is very limited, no eclipse so easy to use, no scope for object, barely able to use. And there is a need to share it.
Download the attachment, after decompression on: your user /Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins directory, there's no Plug-ins in this directory, then manually built one, and then extract the highlight-Plugin.xcplugin inside, restart xcode. Then you will see the highlighted menu.
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9. KSImageNamed-Xcode
For projects using the UIImage imageNamed provides file name completion. The use of [UIImage imageNamed:@ "XXX"], the plugin will scan the whole workspace image file.
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To help you quickly format code, generating the comment, duplicate line etc.
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Change the color debug console
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A Xcode plugin, you can create a mini map code in the current window, and the screen highlight prompt.
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13.Lin localized strings
Before we mentioned an open-source Mac based tool SCStringsUtility, can let you edit the different languages in a clear interface, simple input / output data of NSLocalizedString. Lin is similar to a Xcode plugin, provides a very good operation interface, and provides different regions for different languages.
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14 plug-in management Alcatraz
Alcatraz is an open source Xcode 4 package manager, so you can more easily find, installation and management plug-ins, template and color scheme. Simply click or check, do not need to manually copy and paste.
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15.FuzzyAutocompletePlugin--Xcode 5 automatic code completion plugin

FuzzyAutocompletePlugin is a Xcode 5 compliant plug-in, to improve the Xcode code auto completion by adding fuzzy matching, the developer need not follow from the matching principle, as long as remember the matching method in a keyword, greatly improve work efficiency.
Note: this plugin only on Xcode 5 have been tested, not between testing and other plugin compatibility (except KSImageNamed).
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