IOS study notes (ten) -- iOS prototype debugging

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The front has been the use of running, today use prototype debugging, this article introduce the prototype debugging. The prototype debugging requires 99$registration, if registered account, can also use the account registration invite you to one account, account registration can assign permissions to you, I also use invited to become developers.

1,Login: first log

After logging into the following interface:

    Figure 1

2,Making the certificate, certificate of good preparation in advance, can also be used when making.

1)Finder->Application of -> Keychain access;

Figure two

This will open as shown in the following image page, fill in according to the content:


Figure three


To generate a certificate, pay attention to the choice of stored to disk.


3,Submit the certificate of

In picture one click Certificates to enter the following interface, complete Certificates sequence,Idetifiers,Devices,Provisioning Profiles.

Figure four

Click Certificates to enter the following interface

Figure five

Click the image above the upper right corner of the plus sign, enter the following interface, can be seen as follows:


Figure six

This graph cut is not complete, there are “ iOS App Development”, check, and downloads the “ Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority” Certificate (blue font), double click on download, keychain access can be see:

Figure seven


To enter the next step,

Figure eight

Upload second step production certificate, upload, to enter the next step.

4,Download the certificate

Upload production certificate into the following interface, click the “ Download”, download the certificate, the download is complete, double-click the certificate.

Figure nine

5,Create appId

Click Idetifiers, enter the following interface:

Figure ten

Click on the upper right corner of the completed the add appid.

6,Add Device

Added to this is the prototype of ID, click on the upper right corner plus, ID use iTuns to get the real machine(UDID).

Figure eleven

7,Making Provisioning Profiles

Finally, can generate Provisioning Profiles, the most important of all, it is to do it, in Provisioning Profiles, click on the upper right corner of the plus sign to enter the next step, in order to generate Provisioning Profiles, generated after the download Click.

Enter the Xcode, click on the upper right corner of the Xcode into the Organizer below the interface, see &ldquo Valid profile&rdquo Status;;, said the installation was successful, can be the prototype debugging.

Figure twelve


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