SSL certificate request file (CSR) generation Guide - Apache SSL

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At the same time, generate your private key file in the CSR file, if you lose the key or forget the private key password, the certificate is not installed successfully! You must rebuild the private key and the CSR file, free re issued a new certificate. In order to avoid the occurrence of this situation, please in the generation of CSR private key file to backup and remember the private key password, it is best not to restore or reinstall the server received the certificate before.

Click on the link below to download and install the Openssl tools, download the address is: win32openssl-0_9_8.exe

"openssl"Used to generate the private key and the CSR, OpenSSL generally installed in the /user/bin, if your system is installed in the other directory, please specify the directory path is correct.

openssl req -new -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout domain.key -out domain.csr

The above command will generate domain.key (private key file in the current directory) and domain.csr (CSR, certificate signing request file) two files, the user can specify the path to the file name and location, then prompts the user to input information to apply for a certificate:

Apache SSL CSR

Starting from the Email address, the following information does not need, please leave blank, directly enter. Need to input information please refer to the following table:
Country Name
ISO country code (two characters)
State or Province Name
Where the provinces
Locality Name
In the city
Organization Name
Company name
Shenzhen Willrey eCommerce Limited
Organizational Unit Name
The name of the Department
IT Dept.
Common Name
Application for certificate of domain name
Email Address
Do not need to enter
A challenge password
Do not need to enter

Private key file (domain.key) and certificate signing request file (domain.csr) file is generated, the user needs to keep.
Submitted to the CSR, to apply for a certificate
Submit the certificate application form and relevant materials, and the certificate request file (CSR) submitted to the value of customer service. We confirm that the information is complete, three working days to complete the certificate.
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