The relationship between FTP account permissions and local user permissions

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IIS FTP account would not have said, and the local user is one one correspondence. Here mainly introduce the definition of the FTP account with local user permission relation FTP third party software.
After repeated tests, Filezilla users read and write permissions, first is subject to the local SYSTEM user permissions. That is to say, if a FTP account A built Filezilla, to allow the A to read and write test folder, the test folder must allow SYSTEM users to read and write, or Filezilla configuration allows the A to read and write test is useless.
Therefore, the server administrator in strict configuration of FTP control folder server, must be strict; the scope of authority and the local administrator user SYSTEM configuration of the FTP program, otherwise it may cause FTP account access to the original does not allow him access to folders. For example: the folder test2 set allows SYSTEM users to read and write, ordinary users of try was not allowed to read and write test2 folder, but he can manage Filezilla, so try set FTP user B in the Filezilla, and set the B home directory for test2, read and write. Then use the B account to log on FTP, you can read and write the test2 folder, break through the limits of the original administrator limits.
Account management of other FTP server software, can refer to the.
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Posted by Doris at January 02, 2014 - 12:18 AM