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    It was from the 13 year summer vacation began, I enrolled in training software learning. Although the teaching that is free of charge, but I still feel to learn a lot of new and interesting things. First contact with Webpage is how to write, image how content is displayed, what is the label......

    In that I learn a month, and a month to complete a simple Webpage software - a blog system. Because a little prior experience, know learning technology without practice is there can be no development, and even wasted before learning time. Just graduated from the school students are preparing to create a network supermarket, urgent need for manpower, can apply to join, want to learn further through this project and Practice.

    So I joined the team up to duck. This is not how I imagined the technical team, really only one person responsible for website, other people basically is responsible for the operation of the supermarket. Began to busy she wanted to quit, responsible man stopped me, he knew I love technology, can enlighten me, tell me the science and technology also should know how to solve practical problems, in this team can exercise to these things, and also promised to instruct me to study network technology. I just came to know, before thinking of technology alone, just to learn the technology can, I understand the technology is not the real technology, he is not a single, not only refers to the programming skills, but a group, including the analysis of problems found the problem, ability to communicate with others,, programming skills, and vision to open. In a word to form a kind of thinking, technical skills are just a tool to solve the problem.

    I continue to stay in the team, while also meeting the delivery duty, but they are hard to hold myself to learn. My brother said I study well, but I think I learned far enough, even if it is hard for several months, but found himself now even the technical fur did not touch. The more so, the more I not to relax, always remember to never give up halfway, even is a waste of youth. Learning is not the same as before very passionate, sometimes think this is sick of that very tired, I think this is a lazy person, but I have to remind myself that, behind them will become very interesting, insisted that victory.

    Now is the beginners, advance towards the direction of WEB. Front and back office technology to contact and study and practice, but also pay attention to the design and the wide field of view, so to understand the special things.

    Here, but also to the beginner like me a suggestion, to resist temptation, more and more school practice, practice is most important.

    Then I will not be published their study notes, hope everybody can give me advice and guidance, thank you.

    Hee hee, to eat......

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Posted by Willie at March 04, 2014 - 12:43 PM