IPhone application submission process: how will App program issued to App Store?

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Just for the accession to the iOS application development the ranks of the developers, finally after a hard Coding completed the most important moments in the history of the first application is the application submitted to the iTunes App Store. Xcode 4.2 development tools have App submission process, but the first submission is always full of excitement and doubt. This paper will mainly introduce how iOS applications will be submitted to the process of App Store. Want to want to be released to the new application developers Apple store some help (translation of the article, such as a term error, please give me a message criticism, thank you).

How to publish developed iOS App submitted to the App Store video tutorial [HD]

Recently this article click on a lot, yesterday to the wall outside the Youtube hard to find the essence of HD video. I spent a night 4 hours translation plus the Chinese subtitles, finally released to the above Youku. Look for the development of new iOS have a little help. Video of the beauty is demonstrated in detail: create the Provisioning Profile package, App, uploaded to the iTunes Connect, is very detailed. 19 minutes, must have the patience to slowly read. See this do not look at the following text.

See also have Gulao in me no credit buys a praise it, share it! If you find a mistake in translation place, give me the message.

IOS development books

IOS developers should begin with the Objective-C language learning. And then began to enter the real development, the following is a good tutorial iOS development books recognized iOS development industry:

1.  Good learning Objective-C/ Turing program design (beauty) Devoe

2.  OBJECTIVE-C foundation tutorial

3.  IPhone development based tutorial / Turing program design


Publish the iOS application to App Store - preliminary work

To publish the iOS application to App Store first need a iOS developer account, account for a fee, dollars / year. Even if is free applications also require a developer account, register Developer account here is not described in detail.

Then nature is prepared App. Ensure that the iOS application is already in the simulator (Simulator) to do a comprehensive test to confirm the absence of Bug. This is the first App, should try to download the user a good mapping. If the decision must good tests before the release, until the App really ready for release.

After App issued the work all ready, you can publish to App Store, application release summed up to the following process:

1 registered App ID, specify the Bundle Identifier in Xcode

2 create a release certificate(Distribution Certificate)

Create a Distribution Provisioning Profile 3

4 using Distribution Profile as application signature

5 pack App

6 in the iTunes Connect App upload

Most of the above operation is XCode in Provisioning Portal, Keychain Access, and iTunes tools in Connect.

Publish the iOS application to App Store create App ID

The first applications to the iOS for a App ID, it is the unique identifier of your application. Log on to the iOS Developer site, click on the right side of the iOS Provisioning Portal link, selectApp ID.

Choose to create a new app ID. Input the information application in Description. Bundle Identifier refers to the application of the code, you can use the company name. The application name to identify, for example: com.company.demoapp.

Then open the X-Code, select Target > Summary. In the Identifier input registers in the box aboveBundle Identifier.

Publish the iOS application to App Store create Distribution Certificate

IOS applications have a security certificate used to verify identity and the signature of the developer. There is a detailed introduction in the Provisioning Portal Distribution column, but generally can be divided into the following steps.

1 open Keychain Access, close OCSP and CRL in Preferences.

2 click on the Keychain Access menu, select Certificate Assistant > Request Certificate from Authority.

3 enter the Email address, select Saved to Disk and Let me specify key pair information. Click Continue to continue.

4 key size of 2048 bits and RSA algorithm, click Continue to continue.

5 then generates a.CSR in a file on your desktop.

6 then enters the Provisioning Portal, select Certificates -> Distribution -> Add Certificate, add a.CSR signature file you just created.

7 and while waiting for the audit to download and install the WWDR Intermediate Certificate.

8 to refresh the page, and then you can download a certificate. After downloading the installation.

9 the last step, open the Keychain Access. Select just installed private key, select the menu Export Item key export. Export the private key backup to a safe place, in order to reinstall the system can restore.

Publish the iOS application to App Store create Distribution Provisioning Profile

Open Provisioning Portal, select Provisioning -> Distribution, the option to add a new profile. Distribution Method App Store App ID to choose, need to input in front for App ID. After the submission of required later refresh this page. And then you can download and install profile. After the installation of profile will be added to the XCode.

Publish the iOS application to App Store - check the signature and generating set

Open the XCode, select Code Signing in the Build Settings. Select the Distribution Profile just apply in Release setting.

Select the production target of iOS device, and then click Archiving started packing application.

Publish the iOS application to the App Store package App

Submit only packaged applications, the package can be uploaded to the iTunes Connect application. Click Edit Schemes, set Archive to Release.

If your application is using some external library, also need to Build Settings Skip Install is set to Yes. Method is to click on the Project below the project name, and then open the Build Settings. In the input Skip Install input box. The following Development Skip Install set to Yes.

According to the above method to Targets the following projects in the Skip Install set to No.

Pack setup is complete, the final step is to package and upload. Select Product -> from the menu; Archive. Package is completed you can see your application under Organizer Archives.

Publish the iOS application to App Store - App iTunes Connect add in

App after the upload to iTunes Connect to set up App possible sales state, App description and screenshots. These settings will be directly reflected in the App Store. Need to set up a bank account, and agreed to sign many sales terms.

Open iTunes Connect, click the Add a New App. Selected before the selected bundle identifier. After the operation is not introduced, because is the same basic information set. You just need to follow the prompts to complete step by step settings.

After your App will add a success, and will display the Waiting for Upload state. You just need to XCode Organizer Archives, click Submit to upload application. You need to log in using the upload process and application selection you want to upload.

After the application of the upload is complete only needs to wait for audit, generally App Store audit takes several weeks.

The complete operation process that is I released the first iOS App applications. Hope to be able to help you understand the iOS application submitted by the steps of the process. Have a look back the submission process steps are quite many, but the first time experience, then submit it easier.

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