EF development model in the end there are several

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Entity Framework(EF)The development model of how many? Some say three, some say is four, which is about?

Look at the chart:


Look at this:


So obviously the development model is three.

That is: DateBase First (database first), Model  First (model Code First (priority) and the priority code).

Of course, if the two kinds of Code First mode independent, that is four.

Code First(New DataBase) : Classes are defined and the mapping relationship in the code and generate the database through the model, the use of technology to update the database migration.

Code First(Existing DataBase): Classes are defined and the mapping relationship in the code, to reverse engineering tools.

Model First: Create a Model in the designer, and generate the database using Model. All classes are automatically generated by Model.

DateBase First: Generation of Model in the designer, and automatic generation of all class Model.

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Posted by Gina at November 17, 2013 - 11:20 AM