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Use   CSS framework , can simplify your work, improve work efficiency. The CSS framework is a collection of a series of CSS documents, including the basic elements to reset, page layout, a grid layout, form style, the general rules of the code block. We recommend 27 excellent CSS framework for you, you can choose.

1. 960gs

The 960 pixel page width seems to be a design standard, in the current resolution, are a good way of webpage content. Provide common size to simplify the webpage design process, makes the work simple and efficient.

2. YUI 2: Grids CSS

Mango have been introduced by Yahoo! Development team in YUI, and the YUI Grids CSS is a part of. As one of the most famous CSS framework, YUI Grids CSS provides four default page width, six preset template. Negative Margin technology among them, using the measurement unit em, clear layout floating technique is worth learning and reference.

3. Blueprint

Blueprint is a mature CSS framework, it will layout (layout), publishing (typography), component (widget), reset (reset), print (print) divided into separate CSS files. In webpage design reduces the code, improve page load efficiency.

4. BlueTrip

BlueTrip is an integrated BluePrint & the best part of the Tripoli framework; print style Hartija; brevity; a frame of a CSS Elements icon. Provide a good collection of styles and a production site of the general method for you. So you can concentrate on the design.

5. Elastic CSS

Elastic is a simple CSS framework used to carry out the layout of webpage. Elastic can realize all kinds of common webpage layout.

6. Easy

The functionality of the JQUERY component popular on the market have been incorporated into the framework, you just use this framework, without learning the complex AJAX JQuery grammar, very convenient.


EZ-CSS is a lightweight, browser friendly, easy to use of the CSS framework. To create the CSS+Div page complex layout(layouts).

8. Tripoli

Tripoli is a HTML for the general CSS specification. The reset and reconstruction of browsers, Tripoli provides a standard for your web site project, cross browser performance.

9. CleverCSS

CleverCSS is a markup language for CSS by small Python inspired, it can be used to create a style sheet to clean and structured way. In many ways it clean and powerful than CSS2. With CSS the most obvious difference is that sentence: it is based on the indentation and not monotonous. Although this is a clear violation of the rules of Python, it is still a good idea organization style.

10. SenCSS

It provides the reasonable style for the repeated part of your CSS, so that you can pay more attention to their own website style. Unlike other CSS frameworks like SenCSs, it does not contain all the messy layout style or grid system are predefined, that SenCSs could just what? Baseline, fonts, paddings, margins, tables, lists, headers, blockquotes, forms and so on are SenCSs to accomplish.

11. Emastic

Emastic is a CSS framework, it has continuous mission: To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new web space, bold to CSS framework has not yet reached the field. It is lightweight, the width of the page more humane, the use of fixed and non fixed Lecoing in the grid. Elastic “ em” layout.

12. Typogridphy

Typogridphy is a suitable grid layout of the CSS framework, to help the webpage designers and front-end developer can quickly achieve beautiful grid layout code. It allows you to quickly create a variety of grid layout, and very easy and simple. The framework of the CSS fully consistent with the semantic checking, strict Xhtml standards .

13. Less Framework 3

It is a less.js based CSS framework, which make full use of it with advanced functions, variables and nesting.

14. Elements

Is a very lightweight CSS framework, from its code structure of the author is obviously really hope project can be deployed in its CSS framework.

15. Boilerplate

It is a HTML/CSS/JS default template, it can help you to build a support HTML5-CSS3, cross browser Web site.

16. Malo

A small, flexible, easy to use, personalized page width can change.

17. The 1kb CSS Grid

If you only need a lightweight CSS grid system, to construct the main frame of your site, then you can try 1Kb CSS Grid. The 1KB CSS Grid site provides a generator for customizing the CSS grid, and can directly download custom CSS grid.

18. Fluid Grid System

A website navigation menu text does not provide sufficient information, to express the current menu button, the general solution is to use a message ToolTip, so mobile navigation menu can also solve the problem, but also for the website design added some fashionable and dynamic elements.

19. Content with Style

Content with Style is the next logical step to this extended CSS framework, allowing the use of written and tested components to develop the site quickly. In fact, the required is to get a set of naming habits and a flexible base template.

20. WYMstyle

WYMstyle is a set of CSS files, you can easily these files to quickly create your site layout. By providing a reliable, well tested by CSS module, WYMstyle makes each website prevent dull cross browser compatibility test.

21. The Golden Grid

Vladocar is the development of a new CSS framework, can provide a new reference for the modern web design layout. It is very small, so it is easy to learn to use. Some methods of processing layout which is very worth learning. If you know the 960 Grid system, then the framework, you will be more easy to use.

22. Yet Another Multicolumn Layout (YAML)

YAML is a (X) HTML/CSS framework, it is developed to meet the flexibility and user friendly layout. YAML since 2007 has provided broad and full documentation. Like many other CSS-Framework such as Blueprint CSS or YUI Grids, the CSS-classes system provides a predefined, used to create grid based layout. To create a layout, designers need to create a website HTML structure, and then for the container (HTML tag) written in CSS, the rest of the self-care.

23. Compass

Compass is a framework for the creation of style, the style sheet and mark your easy to set up and maintenance. Write their own style with the sass instead of the original CSS, the use of Sass in the Mixins and Compass binding, you can apply a style framework such as Blueprint instead of style markers.Compass you can use CSS framework based on sass, such as Blueprint, is very convenient.

24. Schema Web Design Framework

Schema is a framework design of webpage to provide the necessary task in the design of repeated in CSS and HTML tags and the design of the representation layer. And for every new web site projects from scratch to create different HTMl/CSS, Schema provides a necessary foundation to start and get your design to run.

25. Sparkl

It is a very mature system, it is compact and flexible, easy to use.

26. The jQuery UI CSS Framework

It is to build a jQuery based UI control and mouse interaction component skin replacement function. To help developers build good user experience of Web applications. Provides a powerful CSS Framework, use the jQuery widgets for user defined. The ThemeRoller is so you want to design different styles of webpage interface.

27. 52framework

It is a Web development framework, it can realize HTML5 and CSS3. It is a cross browser frame, can run on all major browsers, including IE6. The main is to use a HTML5 enabling JavaScript the file file to achieve.


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