The first chapter

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  Do not know what to write, just to make a record time. To start learning JS in 2013 in mid March, before always is system in the visual studio c# under the ASP.NET platform directly creates the B/S architecture, drag controls, never thought can be specially used to optimize div, CSS HTML, the backstage meet a former background value problem, check on the CSDN, the original you can use the AJAX address from the JS, then know the language, and began to learn HTML, CSS, JS, web front-end technology. Remember just started to learn it, think of the programming direction also is very good, need not wait for vs to start slowly, there seems to be no trouble be rather baffling error warning pop-up, as long as a little editor can start programming, HTML, CSS, JS with their respective responsibilities, divided very clearly ah, a combination of the three can be any appearance decided in the mind of the webpage, using JS to create the dynamic effects of a lot of surprise, was thinking, learn to construct another shocked fun webpage.

  So he began to learn ah, not a few days, feel is quite simple. One day in the presence of jsQQ group to see Sohu in senior JS Engineer. It is also for work in planning, resume ready, so the way to resume in the past. The very next day actually call me, don't talk because mobile phone too bad signal change in the QQ chat, asked whether the understanding of ‘ JS framework, design pattern, observer pattern, ’ well, these problems at that time, I really can be said to be completely didn't heard ah, I asked him, is it right? Willing to recruit junior JS engineer, so he gave me a set containing 5,6 JS questions PDF, called me after he decided to have a look again and recommend the "JavaScript programming" this book. At that time I was really one's blood boils with indignation. Ah, Sohu ah, so big company actually talk to me, oh, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Immediately decided to buy that book in the excellence, hurriedly questions (questions similar to do a picture of the carousel, pop-up warning /confirm/ to fill in the content box, adaptive place two level menu), was really think tomorrow is so beautiful, just want to do it in the shortest period of time. In order to save time for questions, dinner do not do, solve directly in the company canteen, after work activities among colleagues also did not attend, all mind is that several issues. So in about 20 days which read "JavaScript programming", fast reading "CSS authoritative guide", browse the jQuery documentation, online search related examples for the case of the five questions to do out (that is, to achieve the most basic requirement of animation effects), to the people, the people see the first question answered ‘ Oh, actually also pretty much ’, and slightly discusses a few words, I knew my wooden games.

  Is not particularly affected, after all, I also know oneself write code which is really a problem, think at that time is not too long, just want to do it in the most short time, show my ability to learn (at the time I thought position:absolute; according to the context is a window, is still JS. Note a few question marks). Then continue to learn, read more about CSS, JS book, a comprehensive understanding of the CSS attribute to the JS, BOM, JSON, AJAX, modular programming, also have the understanding, know jQuery can really bring a lot of convenience. This one because of a problem encountered in the programming problem is a QQ solution, added to his friends, is somewhat familiar with a little. By viewing the QQ message record, in April 1st, I also want to help him, so he sent me a PSD file, I hope to conclude some webpage, then we decided to make the response type layout (I did not know at the time with the concept). Since then just work on nothing, began to concentrate on doing this, I can exercise their own, in early 5 the do to him. QQ message display distance May 10th after it is no contact. When the response type layout I think has been done almost (which also includes a painting by canvas dynamic clock (does not support canvas words to a pixel by pixel together clockwise, attribute the critical window width of application of different without value response type layout to achieve), the main the problem with compatibility. Unfortunately, by this time, the company has the task, I began a comprehensive revision of company website, so this has been put it aside, no longer continue to get out, now it seems really sorry ah, do things half done, really hate.

  So at the beginning of May over the company's official website, in fact is to make one, because before too bad. This figure, just start doing that kind of design artists spent a good long time, usually P for a long time out of the figure on the webpage, and then into the animation effect, boss said it was not good, so the modified modified, started from the most ugly very irregular layout to now like a the regular company website, it is the layout. Then get the animation effect, get started using Ajax database, data transmission to the webpage, now it can be said that the front has been done, the backstage management system is made, the realization of the database to be poor, half done, then finally release site can.

  At the beginning of the August, official website still did not do well, after three months, I hope to finish, and the webpage that QQ on account of a friend, do not know that he also need not to need, all in the past so long, asshole.

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Posted by Martha at November 16, 2013 - 10:26 AM