To solve the wxWidgets+CodeBlocks run in the wrong

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1 and if they cannot find wx/setup.h

(wxWidgets environment configuration under the premise of success) to open the CodeBlocks->Projects->Propoties->Build Targets->Build Options->SearchDictionaries, Settings as shown below (must be aligned wxWidgets folder is mswu or MSW)

If you can't find such as lwxmswu29.a, then the same settings

If the nothing to do, Open the Settings-> Comppiler-> ToolChain executables-> Auto Detect (path for detection of CodeBlocks Is it right? Copied to the environment variable, (where CodeBlocks and wxWidgets configuration and installation, see my blog))

If you can't, you can send me a message()

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Posted by Gillian at December 28, 2013 - 9:06 AM