Windows window properties and extended attributes

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A recent study of Windows programming, finishing his translation at MSDN Window Style and Window Ex Style (Ps: English level is limited, the translation may have some errors, welcome correction)

Window Styles:

WS_BORDER 0X00800000L creates a frame window

WS_CAPTION 0X00C00000L was created with a title bar of the window (not with the WS_DLGFRAME wind use together, equivalent to WS_BORDER | WS_DLGFRAME)

WS_CHILD 0X40000000L to create a child window, the wind cannot be used together with WS_POPUP

WS_CHILDWINDOW 0X4000000L is equivalent to WS_CHILD

WS_CLIPCHILDREN 0X02000000L excluded when you draw in the parent window a child window occupied area, when you create a parent window

Mutual clipping WS_CLIPSIBLINGS 0X04000000L child window, that is to say when the two window overlapping

Can not draw the overlapped part set up sub window redraw WS_CLIPSIBLINGS style, sub window redraw if WS_CLIPSIBLINGS is not specified is not considering the overlapping do not overlap, all redraw, only WS_CHILD and used together with the wind;

WS_DISABLED 0X08000000L create an initial disabled window

WS_DLGFRAME 0X00400000L creates a have a double border, but not the title of the window

WS_GROUP 0X00020000L has this window is a group of controls (control) first in the control, the control group is composed of the first control and all controls defined in it after the composition, until the next WS_GROUP wind window. Each control combination first controls usually have WS_TABSTOP wind , such word, the user can move in the control group. The user can use the direction keys, in a control group, the keyboard focus moves from one control to the group of the next control. You can rely on open / close the wind to change the dialog box navigation. To change the wind after a window creation; then, you can use the SetWindowLong function.

WS_HSCROLL 0X00100000L was created with a horizontal scroll bar of the window

WS_ICONIC 0X20000000L create an initial minimized windows, equivalent to WS_MINIMIZE

Create a maximum WS_MAXIMIZE 0X01000000L window

WS_MAXIMIZEBOX 0X00010000L creates a maximize button window

WS_MINIMIZE 0X20000000L create an initial minimized window, only for WS_OVERLAPPED wind

WS_MINIMIZEBOX 0X00020000L creates a window with a minimize button

WS_OVERLAPPED 0X00000000L creates an overlapped window, an overlapped window usually has a title bar and border


WS_POPUP 0X80000000L to create a pop-up window, cannot be used for WS_CHILD wind


WS_CAPTION wind must be combined with WS_POPUPWINDOW to make the control menu available

WS_SIZEBOX 0X00040000L was created with a scaling of the frame of a window

WS_SYSMENU 0X00080000L to create a title bar has a control menu box window, applies only to have the title bar of the window

WS_TABSTOP 0X00010000L specify an arbitrary control, through it, the user can use the Tab key to move, the TAB key to move to control a sign WS_TABSTOP the next

WS_THICKFRAME 0X00040000L create a thick window can be used to adjust the window size

WS_TILED 0X00000000L is equivalent to WS_OVERLAPPED


WS_VISIBLE 0X10000000L create an initial visible window

WS_VSCROLL 0X00200000L creates a vertical scroll bar with a window

Extended Window Styles:

WS_EX_ACCEPTFILES 0X00000010L specifies the to the wind; create window to accept drag and drop files

WS_EX_APPWINDOW 0X00040000L forced a top-level window to the taskbar when the window is visible.

WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE 0X00000200L specifies a window with the appearance of the 3D, that is to say, the boundary with sunken edge

WS_EX_CONTEXTHELP 0X00000400L contained in the title bar of the window when the user clicks the question mark, question mark, the cursor changes to a pointer to a question mark, if the user then click a child window, the window WM_HELP message received

WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT 0X00010000L allows users to browse through the use of TAB bond between the child window

WS_EX_DLGMODALFRAME 0X00000001L is specified to create a possible with a title bar with double frame window when you specify the WS_CAPTION in the dwStyle parameter.

WS_EX_LEFT 0X00000000L for the window general left align attribute, which is the default

WS_EX_LEFTSCROLLBAR 0X00004000L placed a vertical scroll bar to the customer to the left

WS_EX_LTRREADING 0X00000000L display from left to right reading order window text attributes, which is the default

WS_EX_MDICHILD 0X00000040L creates an MDI child window

WS_EX_NOPARENTNOTIFY 0X00000004L specifies the time window will not send the WM_PARENTNOTIFY message in this style created to its parent window when the window is created or destroyed




WS_EX_RIGHT 0X00001000L gives the right alignment attribute a window GM, which depends on the window

WS_EX_RIGHTSCROLLBAR 0X00000000L placed a vertical scroll bar to the client area on the right side, which is the default

WS_EX_RTLREADING 0X00002000L display window text using attributes from right to left reading order

WS_EX_STATICEDGE 0X00020000L to create a three-dimensional border style window for those who do not accept user input item

WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW 0X00000080L to create a tool window, as a floating toolbar window, a tool window has a title bar end than normal title bar of the window title, using a smaller font, a tool window is not displayed in the taskbar or window, when the user presses the ALT+ key at the same time; it only appears when TAB

WS_EX_TOPMOST 0X00000008L specifies the to the wind; create the window should be placed on the above all nontopmost window even if the window is not in the active state, the application can use the SetWindowPos member function to add or remove this attribute

WS_EX_TRANSPARENT 0X00000020L specifies this style to create window transparent, that is to say, in all the window below the window will not be the window cover, the wind create a window only under it all brothers window has been updated to accept WM_PAINT messages

WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE 0X00000100L specifies a raised edge of frame window

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