LUA: one-way linked list data structure (a)

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In LUA, the table is an advanced complex data structures useful, LUA module, arrays, associative arrays are created by table. Now we come to have a look to construct a one-way linked list by table. .
To construct a one-way list
In LUA, create table object initialized, the reference to a variable, namely the table address. The variable is a pointer variable pointing to table. For example, L= {1,2}, L is the pointer variable. Below we have a look on how to create a one-way linked list.
1: -- Singly-linked list in LUA 2: 3: for line in io.lines() do 4: L = { next = L,text = line } 5: end as above, the table address to the next preserved.
Reading list
1: -- Reading the Singly-linked list in LUA 2: 3: while L do 4: print(L.text) 5: L = 6: end Summary
LUA as a scripting language, is mainly used to provide software (game) adjustment flexibility, often used in conjunction with C/C++. Because the compiled language to modify the code need to compile, but LUA can directly modify, loading can be executed again. Reduces the commission cost.
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Posted by Beck at December 06, 2013 - 2:18 PM