[language processing and Python] 5.7 how to determine the classification of a wo

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Morphological clues

From the internal structure of words may provide useful clues for the word classification.

For example:

-ness and adjective combination may be a noun,

-ment is a noun suffix in combination with some verbs,

English verbs are morphologically complex.

For example:

-ing may be a present participle, also has the possibility is the gerund

Syntactic cues

Typical context a word may appear

For example:

Suppose we have determined the noun classes, we can say, English adjective syntactic standard word is can occur immediately before a noun, or immediately after the be or very.

Semantic cue

The meaning of a word is a useful clue to its vocabulary category.

New words

For example, many new words are nouns, these nouns belong to the open class,

Preposition is considered to be closed, because only a limited vocabulary belong to this category,

POS tag set morphology

For example, some words have different shape, need to pay attention to the word more fine-grained.:

Form label


The third person singular VBZ goes

Gone the past participle of VBN

Going gerund VBG

Went sb VBD

In a word, not a “ &rdquo the right way; to assign mark, only according to the different goals more or less useful method.

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