IOS study notes (a) -- IOS development environment set up

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We want to test the IOS development for a long time, due to the development of environmental constraints, has been limited to theory and virtual machine with MacBook Pro, recently, to taste the fresh, the author also studies are summarized, if there is insufficient, please.

IOS development of the necessary MAC OS X plus a iPhone mobile phone operating system, windows can also develop, need to install a virtual machine, virtual machine installation please refer to the Windows MAC  virtual machine is installed under the 7;. The development of hardware configuration: MacBook Proiphone 3GS mobile phone, a little behind.

We look at a iOS development environment MAC:

First into the official website, this is any program entry will step into the official website to find iOS, Dev Center, below


Figure 1(iOS Dev Center)

Click to enter. After entering, if not logged in, there will be Sign In tips, use of the registered account login, if there is no account, can be registered. After login will display the iOS resources (Figure three).

Figure two (hint log)


See Downloads in resources, click will lead to download Xcode, Xcode is the development of essential iOS development tools, the latest version is 4.6.2.

This file is about 1.8G. download need a period of time. Click on the download to complete installation can be completed.



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