Wine cannot run exe solutions (Path not find)

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I downloaded the wine has been unable to run the EXE file, toss for a long time, the Internet search found no problems (like you have not encountered the same), repeated experiments excluded the system version of the problem, wine version of the problem. Finally found out that wine and exe file path problem.

Aiming at the problem of:

Normal wine after installation, unable to run the specified exe legal windows executable file.


In the graphical interface. Double click the EXE file, a wine pop-up box, content: "Path not find".

The implementation of the files on the command line, prompting (assuming the program/home/userx/abc.exe):

wine: cannot find L"unix\\home\\userx\\abc.exe"

Even if the path name input complete will prompt:

wine: cannot find L"\\home\\userx\\abc.exe"

None of these factors and problems:

Linux 32 bit or 64 bit.

Wine version.

The cause of the problem:

Wine can only run placed in the "in the wine configuration of the windows drive, directory (including subdirectories)" the following exe program.

When in the operation of wine exe, need to be the path to this EXE file is expressed by windows valid path, the dosdevices directory under the $HOME/.wine save the path mapping legitimate (from the letter to the Linux path) of symbolic links. Only those Linux path prefix can be configured in the conversion to the windows drive, and then by the wine Executive.

By default, only the C: is legal, it is automatically configured$HOME/.wine/driver_c


Method 1:

Take a position need to run the EXE program placed under $HOME/.wine/driver_c.

Method 2:

Directory configuration path mapping placed exe program in Linux.

There are two configuration method:

2.1 modified $HOME/.wine/dosdevices/ blank a symbolic link file, make a link to the desired path.


2.2 using the winecfg configuration location. You can manually configure the directory, but also can automatically configure. There is a auto detection, according to the disk partition information, corresponding to each partition corresponding to the Linux mount point to a Windows drive.

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Posted by Adair at May 04, 2014 - 9:14 AM