How to start and stop the FTP service in AIX system

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1 making making making should guarantee the inetd daemon is started, you can enter a #lssrc – s inetd view

If the return inetd making making TCPIP making 270468 making active

Active said inetd processes have opened

2 making making making service FTP start:  #startsrc -t ftp

3 making making making to stop the FTP service:  #stopsrc -t ftp

4 making making making can enter the lssrc -t FTP command for the FTP process is open

The following 5 fields making making making please see /etc/inetd.conf file is commented out, if be commented out, explain the boot does not automatically open FTP service

       ftp  stream  tcp6  nowait  root  /usr/sbin/ftpd  ftpd



Startsrc is open process, stopsrc stop process 

Lssrc making is to obtain the state of subsystems 

-s making is specified subsystem

-t making making is the specified type

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Posted by Bing at December 27, 2013 - 3:45 AM