The database backup method

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 We know, regular automatic backup database using SQL Server 2008 database can. Method is to backup the database by SQL SERVER 2008 comes with the maintenance plan to create a plan, which we will SQL SERVER 2008 automatic backups on a regular basis to share.

  We need to start the SQL Server Agent service, If we do not start the service is unable to run the new job, Click the “ ” – “ – &rdquo all program; &ldquo Microsoft SQL; Server 2008” – “ SQL Server Management Studio&rdquo startup log database;, Click on the &ndash maintenance plan management; – right-click the maintenance plan wizard as shown in Fig.:

Click the “ the maintenance plan wizard ” after the jump dialog box, as shown in Fig.:

Click the “ the next step ” as shown in Fig.:

Fill in the name and description for a mark, click the “ &rdquo change; to set the maintenance plan, as shown in Fig.:

  Time can be selected for the daily, weekly, monthly, can be formulated according to the relevant requirements to backup your time, here are the demo, daily 0:00 click the “ ” and “ &rdquo next step; as shown in Fig.:

  You need to backup task, here I will choose “ backup database (complete, difference, the transaction log) ”, very clear click “ the next step ” as shown in Fig.:

  Have chosen three you can choose their execution order, select and click “ the next step ” as shown in Fig.:

  In the database that a column selection related database hits (determined) as shown in the diagram (as the picture bigger you can click on the picture to see the image):

  Select the backup database directory, set the backup compression: a default server settings, compressed backup options, because I'm a large database so on the choice of compression, operating according to your actual situation: click the ” the next step, the following operation is ” for this we selected “ maintenance tasks ” and “ a step ” as there is no screenshot shows, click “ the next step ” as shown in Fig.:

  Select SQL SERVER 2008 automatic backup maintenance plan report file location and click “ the next step ” as shown in Fig.:

Click the “ ” thus completing the SQL SERVER 2008 automatic backup.

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Posted by Serena at November 24, 2013 - 5:49 PM