Website program (case)

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Insus.NET shared a case website program. Add and set in the background management platform program 95% function, custom design the remaining 5% is the webpage.

The program is the use of.NET Framework 4 + ASP.NET + MS SQL Server 2008 R2 + VB.NET development.

Function and characteristics:

The editor: CuteEditor . If you're running, license problem, the following diagram:

Can be downloaded from the website, and then cover the BIN directory of the cuteeditor.lic.

Site in the header or page ads, you can upload Flash, can also upload pictures. Because Insus.NET is developed for both present.

The background management platform, many functions can add, edit, delete, and then can be clicked to, can eventually perform one click preview (no need to head webpage).

Site using the MasterPage (Master), UserControl (user controls), interface (interface)...

Download address: 

After download, refer to the following real time operation, the database was restored and create a login account.

Website home page: Default.aspx

Admin login page: SiteMgt/MgtLogin.aspx or &ldquo in site footer; management login link ”.

Backstage login default account for "Sa", the password is 12345678. The password can be changed in the background, or add other administrator account.

After the end of successful login, the management interface:

The front end is no longer.

The link is provided below, is the modification of the website according to this case

This case is only used for learning, if you have any technical problems encountered, or you want to add, change the program, can contact Insus.NET.

Hope can feedback, so that Insus.NET in the second version of the site management functions, can be more.

Thank you.

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Posted by Devin at November 13, 2013 - 12:18 PM