Download Android platform source code

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I'm looking for download Android platform source and found several methods, some methods have failed, now write down the download method to test the success of:

1, Environmental requirements

Need to download in Linux environment. I use is Ubuntu

I installed Ubuntu &ldquo Ubuntu is running times wrong; in low-graphic mode”, the solution is as follows:

Choose fourth: exit to consle login  

Then use the user name, password.

Execute a command

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

After the resumption of execution

2, Download the GIT program

Git is a version control software. Input in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install git-core gnupg flex bison gperf build-essential \zip curl zlib1g-dev libc6-dev libncurses5-dev x11proto-core-dev \libx11-dev libreadline6-dev libgl1-mesa-dev tofrodos python-markdown \libxml2-utils

3, Set download directory

$ mkdir ~/bin

$ PATH=~/bin:$PATH

$ curl > ~/bin/repo

$ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

Create a folder for download, save the contents of the



4, To download the kernel source code

$ repo init -u
If you want to download branch version, use the following format command
$ repo init -u -b android-4.2.2_r1.2

(query Android version information, reference

Finally, by using the following command checkout source code to our set working directory:

$ repo sync

5, May encounter errors

1)error: RPC failed; result=56, HTTP code = XX MiB | XX KiB/s

Encounter the above problems, the general Git is not installed correctly, please re install the use of the second step


error: Failed connect to;Connection refused while accessing

fatal: HTTP request failed

error: Cannot fetch platform/tools/motodev

error: Cannot fetch platform/frameworks/base

error: Cannot fetch platform/prebuilts/sdk

error: Exited sync due to fetch errors

Solution: to edit the /etc/hosts file

$ vim /etc/hosts

Add the following content, save (ahead of time saved):

If unable to save the case (generally because hosts is read-only), use the following command editor:

$sudo gedit /etc/hosts

Edit and save hosts file after the re input:

$ repo sync

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Posted by Sidney at November 22, 2013 - 5:11 PM