Client login log records

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    For some large management system, if the use of more staff, it is necessary to record the user landing when the computer character code, of course, to record the user's operation record is necessary (this paper does not discuss),

Thought is the user login, the user of the computer name, IP address, network address, or even CPUID, motherboard ID, combination of string into the database, the need for time case!

Especially need to record attempts landing computer need to record, estimate is want to test your password.!!

    Write your own code to get the hardware information can also be estimated, to write a lot, there are existing third party control

MiTeC System Information Component Suite MSICS

The use of the controls can be a few simple code to obtain more information:

mmo1.Lines.Add('The computer name: '+mtc_systmnf1.Machine.MachineName);
mmo1.Lines.Add('Computer IP: '+mtc_systmnf1.Network.IPAddresses[0]);
mmo1.Lines.Add('Computer network card address: '+mtc_systmnf1.Network.MACAddresses[0]);
mmo1.Lines.Add('Computer CPU serial number: '+mtc_systmnf1.CPU.SerialNumber);
mmo1.Lines.Add('Only BIOS ID computers: '+mtc_systmnf1.Machine.SMBIOS.SystemUUID);
mmo1.Lines.Add('Computer hard disk serial number: '+mtc_systmnf1.Storage.Physical[0].SerialNumber);

Acquisition method, write to the database will not say!

demo exe

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Posted by Shirley at December 12, 2013 - 12:43 AM