Lua pcall

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If you want to run a Lua code, the code in the running process can catch exceptions and errors of all.

1, Encapsulating this code in a function

function foo()
    if x > y then

2, Use pcall to call this function

if pcall(foo) then
    -- no errors
    -- 'foo' raised an error

Can also use anonymous functions call pcall

if pcall(function () ... end) then

Pcall cut and run in protected mode with its first parameter, so we can catch the exception and error all. If there are no exceptions and errors, any value pcall to return the true and the call returns; otherwise returns nil plus the error message.

The error message is not a string, any information passed to error will be returned by pcall.

local status, err = pcall(function () error({code = 121}) end)
print(err.code) -- Output: 121

This mechanism provides us with exceptions and errors of all the content in Lua. We use error throws an exception, then the pcall capture.

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Posted by Sheryl at October 03, 2014 - 3:15 PM