Performance statistics tool SQLSERVER SQLQueryStress

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Time statistical tool SQLSERVER to implement SQLQueryStress

Sometimes I need to check the SQL statement execution time, believed that everybody can use SET STATISTICS TIME ON switch on SQLSERVER built-in time statistics


But statistics this gadget than the built-in SQLSERVER more, set options are more

I saw this gadget C# used to write, but not domestic friends do

Official website:
Use the document :

Download address:

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The first set of some necessary options

If you don't save the configuration file, the default will read the installation directory configuration fileSQLQueryStress.exe.config

The latest version is

First set up a database, a SQL statement after the operation of the context is in the setting of the database.

Results the following basic with SET STATISTICS TIME ON and SET STATISTICS IO ON almost

The garden also some people use this gadget to do some experiments, I put these articles posted for your reference

SQL Server 2014 new features of (1) - memory database

SQL Server Insert operating efficiency (heap table VS clustered index on the table)

If have a wrong place, welcome everybody clap brick o(∩_∩)o

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Posted by Cornelius at November 19, 2013 - 3:15 PM