The MySQL administration tools

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MySQL is a very popular small-scale relational database management system, acquired by Sun Corporation in January 16, 2008. At present, MySQL is widely used in small and medium-sized site on the Internet. Because of its small size, fast speed, low total cost of ownership, especially the characteristics of open source, many small and medium sized websites in order to reduce total cost of ownership web site chose MySQL as the database of the website.

1, phpMyAdmin( )


PhpMyAdmin is the most commonly used MySQL maintenance tools, is a development of the PHP based on the Web framework in the web host the MySQL management tools, support Chinese, management database is very convenient. Shortcomings is that the large database backup and recovery is not convenient.

2, MySQLDumper( )


MySQLDumper PHP development of the use of MySQL database backup and recovery procedures, the use PHP database backup and recovery problem, hundreds of megabytes of database backup and recovery can be convenient, need not worry too slow speed to interrupt in the middle, very easy to use. This software is developed by the Germans, no Chinese language pack.

3, Navicat( )


Navicat is a desktop version of MySQL database administration and development tool. And the manager is like Microsoft SQLServer, easy to learn and use. Navicat uses a graphical user interface, allows users to use and management more easily. Support Chinese, a free version available.

4, MySQL GUI Tools(


MySQL GUI Tools is the graphic management tools provided by official MySQL, function is very powerful, it is recommended, but there is no Chinese interface.

5, MySQL ODBC Connector(

MySQL ODBC Connector

ODBC interface program provided by official MySQL system, after the installation of the program, you can access MySQL through the ODBC, this can be achieved between SQLServer, Access and MySQL data conversion, you can also support ASP access to MySQL database.

Management tools five commonly used MySQL above is my introduction of maintenance, if you know of a better MySQL tools, please leave a message and we share.

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