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  Tonight to share video by Chuanzhi podcasts Java senior lecturer Li Huoming teacher for all recorded "8 days to quickly master the Android video tutorial", this video is free for everyone, I hope everyone to learn by heart the video!

  Tip: share video can be watched online, but the original high-definition IT video tutorials, mainly in order to give you a learning approach. Register a Baidu Baidu website account, download a video (this is not advertising, but everyone learning tool) can watch online, the need to remind you is: please put the video website () as a learning bookmarks. I learn a few episodes in the website a few set to your SkyDrive on watch, add a tag to their learning progress.

Video introduction:

  Chuanzhi podcasts is the first teaches Android training institutions, since the beginning of software talent market scarce Android developers, therefore, Chuanzhi podcasts have some students has worked for two years has started a monthly salary of 10 thousand yuan of above by Android technology, some graduates and non graduates also obtained starting salary of about 7K. By the end of 2010, Beijing 1/3 software engineers engaged in the development of Android are from Chuanzhi podcasts, we often hear similar stories, 5 to 6 Android engineers a company only just began to do not know each other, but mix found everyone from Chuanzhi podcasts, just from different class Chuanzhi podcasts only, the student had some rough statistics, Lenovo has nearly 60 Android engineers from Chuanzhi podcasts, Chuanzhi podcasts early cultured Android engineers now most have become the technical backbone of the company. At present Android technology popularization, non Chuanzhi podcasts directly trained Android engineers are more and more, which is also a lot of people grow up learning through Chuanzhi podcasts Android video. Many software training institutions Android lecturer is also learning the Chuanzhi podcasts Android video started teaching this course, including Chuanzhi podcasts have students and students. The video has a total of 67 sets, is the 8 day of the course content Chuanzhi podcasts 3G-Android employment before the class, the set of video tutorials is Li Ming live teacher at the end of 2011 to Chuanzhi podcasts original Android core curriculum carefully re recording, than the Android curriculum content early Fuller, more detailed, but no contains Chuanzhi podcasts 3G-Android employment classes for more than two months of the Android core based strengthening and Android project content. Because the Android developers more and more starting salary, Android developers have dropped, and software for Android developers techniques are increasingly high requirements, therefore, only by mastering the Android core course content to find Android job is as before. If you want a more in-depth study of Android technology and get more experience in Android project, please pay attention to Chuan Chi podcast website and join Chuanzhi podcasts 3G-Android sprint classes.

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Posted by Laurent at November 18, 2013 - 9:52 AM