Decompile Apk get the Java source code

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Tools download : using the dex2jar and JD-GUI these 2 tools

Dex2jar download.:

JD-GUI download.:

  Windows version of the JD-GUI:

  Linux version of the JD-GUI:


1 first find the installation of Android software package classes.dex

The.Apk file name to.Zip, and then extract the classes.dex file, java file, it is compiled by DX tool package, 2 tools so now we will use the above mentioned to reverse direction derived java source file

The 2 copy classes.dex to dex2jar.bat folder.

In the command line mode to navigate to the dex2jar.bat directory, run dex2jar.bat classes.dex , classes.dex.dex2jar.jar generation; 

3, run the JD-GUI tool (it is green without installation)

Open the jar file above, you can see the source code



Two. Decompile APK program source code and pictures, XML configuration, language resources file.

Reprinted from:

Tools download:

Load obtained in, apktool-1.0.0.tar.bz2 and two package to.


Two file 1 extract the downloaded packages, aapt.exe and apktool.bat. after decompression bag (note apktool-1.0.0.tar.bz2 after decompression of a.Jar file copy in.)

2 open the command window (> operation, enter the CMD, enter.) Access to the apktool.bat folder.


apktool d C:\***.apk  The C:\*** folder 

(command line interpreter: apktool d to output file folder decompile)

Note: you should decompile files must be placed in the root directory of C.,

3 open   C:\*** folder, you can get all kinds of resources in our college.

Three. The anti compiled file re packaged into apk

 Very simple, as long as the input:

Apktood B c:*** folder (you compiled folder)

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