NET environment configuration self summary.

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I graduated this year, the small one. This time Hitachi solutions in practice, requirements on the use of.NET development, a little did not come into contact with, almost from scratch, want to record it, I think most programming language or thought, but also for the future to do a knowledge reserve. I always thought that.NET is a programming language, in fact not, somewhat similar to the J2EE, only one platform. I also said that the specific not clear, just contact. These two days have been in the configuration of the.NET development environment, got two days and finally OK.

Because the company system, it is not easy to get the necessary software. I use VS 2008 professional edition and SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, operating system is Win 2003 (virtual machine).

The first installation of IIS 2003 IIS, win does not own, the need to install. Installation steps are as follows: to install the control panel. Specific practices for:

1 into the "control panel".

2 double click the "add or remove programs".

3 Click on the "add / remove Windows components".

4 in the "assembly" list box, click "application server".

5 click "Internet information service(IIS)".

6 select "web services" and "file transfer protocol (FTP) service".

7 double click "web services", select "Active Server Pages" and "web services".

After installing the IIS, then set the Web server, the specific steps are as follows: 1 in the "start" menu select "management tools and Internet information services (IIS) Manager". 2 in the "Internet information services (IIS) manager" double click "local computer". 3, right-click "site", select "new" site "in the pop-up menu, open the" web site creation wizard". 4 in order to fill in the "description", "IP address", "port", "path" and "website access" etc. Finally, in order to facilitate the visit should also set the default document(Index.asp, Index.htm). The settings and the Windows 2000 Server site settings are basically the same, but the Web service is only applicable to static content, namely static page to browse, commonly used Active Server Pages (ASP) function has not been enabled. It should also be in the "Internet information services (IIS) manager" "Web service extensions" option allows"Active Server Pages". After the installation is complete to enable the IIS: Internet information service called IIS, click on the Windows start menu - all programs - management tool ---Internet information services (IIS) manager, you can start "Internet information service" management tool to configure the parent path in the installation of what time did not meet, do not know is the default or due to his knowledge. Lack of negligence, if there is to know a friend to tell me. Temporary write this, slowly after the update, the way programmers began.

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Posted by Alvin at January 10, 2014 - 4:05 AM