The second Microsoft AC CRM annual meeting

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The second Microsoft CRM conference will be held in December 14th, dear if they are interested can see below for details. Jeff is also the first time to participate in such activities, as the activities of the guests I bring you a very interesting topic "integrated" Dynamics share of CRM 2013 and Office, I hope you will like. 

Details of the event

2013 Microsoft AC CRM annual meeting (second)

Address: The Shanghai International Conference CenterThe 5 floor

Time: In December 14, 2013 13:00 to 18:00

The organization: MSCRM business technology exchange group(149371424)

Cost: 200 yuan (field)

The number of: 70 people

Has invited guests:

· Liu Jiahong, senior expert Dynamics CRM. Since the beginning of 2003 in DynamicsCRM implementation. The number of MVP winner, MicrosoftDynamics CRM 2011 New Features and one of the authors. Now at Microsoft (American) advisory services,

· Wang Jian, the incumbent Microsoft business management solution CRM technical expert proposal department, engaged in explaining Microsoft CRM technology and training and large project technical support work, engaged in Microsoft CRM business in China earlier, mainly focuses on the solution of CRM and technology research, has the profound knowledge and rich experience of Microsoft CRM system and product technology,

· Lin Songtao, the incumbent Microsoft commercial CRM technology expert proposal department, engaged in the development of 10 years, research and design, has been committed to the software enterprise information management implementation. Since 2006, has been engaged in research and development, Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. Has participated in dozens of Dynamics CRM project development, implementation,

· Xiong Chen, the Dynamics CRM MVP, CSDN blog experts, now Dynamics CRM consultant in minimally invasive.

· Sun Tonghai, the current wave of CRM senior consultant, in the information technology research and development work for 15 years, we focus on the research of all kinds of CRM operations.

Share issue:

· Application lifecycle management Microsoft CRM (Liu Jiahong)

· Microsoft CRM understanding of the product (Wang Jian)

· Analysis Microsoft CRM tuning case (Lin Songtao)

· The integration of CRM 2013 and OFFICE (Xiong Chen)

· Integrated Microsoft CRM and open source CallCenter (Sun Tonghai)

The agenda of the meeting:

13:00 – The 13:30 sign & & opening; mutual understanding;

13:30 – 17:30 share & question

17:30 – 18:00 free discussion (may be appropriate to extend the time)

After the meeting, we can eat together, costs AA. There may be some discussion groups for second days, there is no fixed place.

Registration form: Please refer to the email, please provide your name, QQ, company, position, work experience, work email, mobile phone number, city, we will communicate with you by phone, mail confirmation.

This year will be a very good learning, communication, sharing, understanding friends, is also a find occupation direction, business opportunities, find a good opportunity for cooperation!

Seats are limited, please arrange a good time, ticket, sign up to the meeting.!

PS: we are very busy at the end of the year, there are many friends are specially from around the long distance to Shanghai to participate in an annual meeting, because I work in Beijing before, now working in Shenzhen, I and my friends are gone from the field! Our guest Liu Jiahong from USA past oh! Have any questions, please contact me!

Thank you,

Jiang Weifeng

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Posted by Tom at December 19, 2013 - 12:56 PM