The other Linux

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The development steps:
1, VI (see can modify)
2, Cat (can only view, can not be modified)
2, Input I (enter insert mode)
3, Input ESC (enter command mode)
4, Input: (WQ save and exit; q! To exit without saving)
5, Javc (compilation)
6, Java hello (operation)
7, PWD (current in which directory)
8, Ls -a (show hidden files)
9, Ls -l (display long list type)
10, MKDIR (root directory)
11, Rmdir (root delete a directory (folder nothing))
12, More (to display the contents of a file, with paging)
13, Less (text with paging)
14, Grep (query by content, in the text such as: grep " class" = = grep -n will print out in the first few lines the class)
15, | (pipe command, will | in front of the results to the | behind)
16, find / -name file name: (search the file or directory starts from the root directory)
Redirect command: LS -l > a.txt list display content into the a.txt (overwriting)
ls -al >> The contents of a aa.txt list is appended to the end of the file aa.txt

17, -rwxrw-r--
The first character represents the file, directory (-) (d), link(l)
The other characters in a group of three (RWX), read (R), write (W), executive(x)
The first group of RWX: file owner permissions are read and write and execute
Second group rw-: with the same set of users and permissions on a file is read and write, but not executed
Third groups of r--: not with other users of the same group and file permissions are read but not write and execute
The available digital expression: r=4, w=2, x=1, and rwx=4+2+1=7

Installation of Linux JDk.:
1, The mypackage.iso is mounted to the Linux operating system.
Do the configuration in the VM
2, The installation files are copied to the/home
The CP file name /home
3, cd /Change directory to home/home
4, Install the./jkd name
5, Have a look a file (/etc/profile file, configure the environment very important)
6, #To annotate the old version of the JDK, and then log on again, and then re writing the new JDK
7, Re login

The eclipse installation

3, Install tar -zxvf??.Tar.gz? (can be installed in this manner)
4, Start the eclipse (the premise is to enter the graphical interface), to the directory, eclipse
MyEclipse is based on eclipse to start on, in fact is to start eclipse

Install Tomcat

Linux partition:
IDE hard disk drive, expressed as "hdx~", where HD
That indicates the type of partition where the equipment, "X" for the disk number (a as a basic disk, B as slave disk, C as assistant master, D as the slave disk) "~" represents the first four partition, partition
By the numbers 1 to 4, which is a primary partition or an extended partition, since 5 is the logical partition.

When Linux is installed, the partition is the key
/Boot partition 100M
/Swap partition (partition) is generally two times your physical memory
/ The root partition as large as possible

1, View is currently using a shell
Env [the command to display the current operating system environment variables.
2, Chsh -s enter a new shell (/bin/csh) [Revised shell]
3, Want to check command initials. And then press the Teb button two times
4, History 5 this command will display 5 command recently used
5, !5 this command will execute the command history number 5
6, !Ls this command will be executed for the last time in the "LS" command
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