About the HTML5 request WebSocket, 404 problems

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Recently pushed to the page to write server-side content

The first is dependent on Environmental
WebSocket HTML5 only supports
Java EE 7 and later to support
Tomcat7 later support
The service container that others should have the corresponding support package

Specific how to request and receive not recorded, the main problem seems to be 404

Oracle's own WebSocket packets in the latest version of release is WebSocket-api1.0
The Maven configuration is as follows

Attention is (404.) rely on to introduce Tomcat7 Run Time bag, do not use WebSocket-api.jar
Tomcat7 Tomat7-WebSocket.jar and the WebSocket-api.jar package, which implements the WebSocket-api.jar based content, on the basis of this packet is modified.
So in the Tomcat runtime environment Katerina inside, if used, Maven deployment, there will be Jar packet collision

While in the process of development, rely on to introduce Tomcat7 Run Time bag, do not use WebSocket-api.jar

This is the Tomcat7 on the WebSocket documentation, the future use of WebSocket-api.jar, Tomcat in Tomcat version 8 out of their own internal bag, can directly use the Oracle.

The other 404, the path error that may be the code inside the access to can not find.
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Posted by Duke at December 08, 2013 - 5:06 PM