Part of the Python Wing development environment using IDE to debug function diag

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Here are some functions that the user should know:

Main Debug File—The user can specify a single file in a project as a main entrance point debugging. After completion of this setting, debugging is always from the beginning of the document, unless the user using the Debug menu in the Debug Current File option. Use the Debug menu in the Set Current as Main Debug File Main Debug File settings, right-click the Project project and select Set as Main tool Debug File, or use the Main Debug File property Project Properties attributes in Debug options. If the characteristics of the need to set up a main debug file depends on the project itself.

File Properties—Debugging attributes of each file in the user program can override or modify the entire project. When having a plurality of debugging entrance point in the project is very useful. File Properties can also be used to debug command line parameters. From the source menu Current File Properties option to access or through the use of an editor or project (right) by using various attributes menu:

Modules Data View—By default, Wing IDE filter module and Stack Data tool in some other data type value. In some cases, browse the stored in the module value is very useful. Users can browse through the Modules module value tool tool, Modules tool is a simple list in sys.modules:

Conditional Breakpoints—Use the Debug menu Breakpoint Options group or right click breakpoint edge set conditional breakpoints. If the user needs to stop code before bug, in order to find the error code, then you need to use this feature. The breakpoint condition can be any Python expression, but must pay attention to the expression, the expression may change the state of the program. Note that, when bug is caused by a condition expression of their own, then Wing IDE will always stop in conditional breakpoint.

Breakpoint Manager—From the Breakpoints Tools tools into the breakpoint tool will display a list: contains the breakpoints and allows the enable / disable, edit breakpoint conditions, number counting, checking the breakpoint setting is ignored.

Remote Debugging—Remote debugging enables Wing IDE to debug running on the web server or web developed in the framework of the program, or directly from the command line to start the process of.

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Posted by Julius at November 28, 2013 - 5:31 AM