10 a good interface design tools to share

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Kendo UI

Kendo UI is a UI framework based on the jQuery HTML5 Telerik development, the development of desktop oriented applications, mobile devices, including Kendo UI Web, Kendo UI Mobile and Kendo UI DataViz version three. It contains a lot of UI components, data visualization framework rich, an adaptive mobile framework, all the required tools and HTML5 app development, such as data binding, template, drag and drop the API etc.

Kendo UI Web,Kendo UI Mobile,Kendo UI DataViz,jQuery HTML5,UI框架


This tool can create amazing HTML5 app, with high fidelity, resolution independent SVG model and wire frame.

MOQUPS,HTML5 app,SVG模型,界面设计工具


Design elements of Webflow can let you directly in the browser to create interactive layout and pixel perfect, without writing a single line of code!



This is a complete interface design tool based on Web, JetStrap which is not only a tool, it is in BOOTSTRAP 3 top interface development tools.

JetStrap,Web界面设计工具,BOOTSTRAP 3

NetAdvantage ICONS

This is the famous icon library interface controls developers provided by infragistics, its classification is complete, system, can add a variety of professional user interface, full of artistic style of the icon, use for the appearance of the interface elegance. Rare is the icon of plug and play, the operation is very convenient!

NetAdvantage ICONS,infragistics,图标库,界面设计工具

UI Parde

This is an online design tool, you can use it to design the button, menu, chart and functional area, good design can be a key to generate HTML or CSS code, the icon can also directly export PNG format picture. In conclusion, the UI design tools do not ask you how rich code knowledge.

UI Parde,UI设计工具,界面设计工具

Fluid UI

Fluid UI is a mobile app prototype design tool is currently the fastest, APP model which can test various low fidelity and high fidelity on mobile devices, help you collect the app requirements to the fastest speed, to save time and money.

Fluid UI,app原型设计工具,界面设计工具


This is a very powerful custom skin library, can be used as ActiveX controls or.NET (x86 + x64) GUI design tools to control the use of the. It supports all common languages such as VB, C#, VB.NET (x86 + x64), MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, CA Visual Objects, Rapid Euphoria etc.


Mobile Patterns

IOS and Android screenshot library, as developers and designers for reference.

Mobile Patterns,iOS,Android,界面设计工具

UI Faces

Very good example of creating tools

UI Faces,界面设计工具

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