CSharpThinking---C# version summary (Annex three)

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C#Version summary:

The date of.Net framework

Visual Studio

C# CLR 2002.2  1.0 2002 1.0 1.0 2003.4  1.1 2003 1.2 1.1 2005.11  2.0 2005 2.0 2.0 2006.11  3.02005 extended n/a 2.0 2007.11  3.5 2008 3.0 2.0SP1 2010.4  4.0 2010 4.0 4.0

One, the characteristic of C#

  1.1 C#2.0: Generic, nullable types, anonymous methods, principal enhancement, iterator etc.

  1.2 C#3.0: Linq, Lambda expressions, extension methods.

  1.3 C#4.0: Improve interoperability, dynamic type.

Two, characteristics of frame base

  2.1.Net 2.0: support for generic and nullable types, the I/O helper method static; ASP.net the new master page, pre compiler. Backgroundworker.

  2.2 .net 3.0: WPF, WCF, WF, Windows CardSpace

  2.3.Net 3.5: Linq support; support AJAX ASP.net. WCF, WPF, the plug-in framework (System.AddIn), enhanced encryption algorithm. Introduction of Entity Framework and ADO.net .

  2.4 .net 4.0: DLR, Parallel extended, code contracts. System. Numerical calculation of space Numeric. The principal and generic interface, covariance and contravariance.

Three, the runtime (CLR) characteristics

  3.1 CLR2.0: Support 64 bit processor, bearing the function of CLR in SQL2005, improvement of garbage collection, JIT, startup time.

    3.2 CLR4.0:

               1) Improved interoperability marshaling the performance and consistency of the IL Stubs Everywhere. (http: // mng.bz/56H6)

        2) Replace the garbage collector concurrent recovery device in CLR2.0.

        3)Instead of the CAS (Code Access Security) to the transparency of the security model more perfect.

        4)For type equivalence properties of C#4 embedded PIA support.

        5)Implementation of the CLR within the same process

  More on the CLR team blog( )

Four, compact framework

  Compact framework (Compact Framework): the first run on the windows mobile device, after Xbox360, windows Phone7 and Symbian S60.

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