Internet virtual machine before, suddenly can't get on the Internet

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Some time ago, through a virtual machine installed Ubuntu system in win7. At first the network normal, all OK. But, recently wanted to online installation tools in Ubuntu, found that even the net. So, try many methods.
The first thought is, network model may be wrong. Before the computer IP address is fixed, but no and MAC address binding, but recently the school conducted binding, the IP address and MAC address so, probably existing virtual machines connected to the network is not suitable for network environment. Therefore, try to modify different networking mode. However, after the modification, or have a problem, BRidge network directly connected is a fork, Host-only and NAT there is no difference number, but different network or ping. This shows, error is not the network connection mode.
It should be what problem? Then search the Internet search, see people I encountered like situation, an article reminds me, is likely to be associated with the network service virtual machine does not start( ).
Right click "my computer", management / service, see the VMware related services, and VMware authorization service, VMware DHCP service, VMware NAT service does not start, the problem is found, simple, select start, and then the startup method is also set to automatically, so that the next time the switch machine can automatically start. (the problem, in fact it is because, laboratory computer is off, a few days ago room cut off, so when re boot, related services did not start, so even without the Internet), network selection method of NAT mode, and then open the browser, enter the URL, couplet net OK.
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Posted by Diana at January 27, 2014 - 8:29 PM