The FLASH development environment using high literacy

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1, FLASH two function:

Animation function

Programming functions

2, The editors welcome interface

    Edit, preferences, routine, can select Start (the welcome screen, open the last document)


3, Expansion and put the panel group



4, Management area:

    Provide layout settings. The default is the basic function. At the same time can create, customize workspace.



5, Set the stage

    The frame rate, refers to the play frames per second. The default is 24 frames. Each frame is a frame, the frame rate is higher animation more smooth, more need picture.



6, Scale:

    Display scale, view > scale or the right key, scale.


    Note that this scale, zero coordinates it in the upper left corner. So, right down. This will be used in programming.


7, Auxiliary line:

    Click the horizontal or vertical ruler down or to the right, will have a horizontal or vertical auxiliary line.



8, Grid

    Click the blank stage, right-click, grid, grid display.



9, Translation method

The scroll bar translation,

Hand tool translation



10, Undo and redo

    CTRL+Z,The last operation error recovery,

    CTRL+Y, Cloning just action, as shown in the following figure, according to the rectangular downward move, and then press ctrl+Y, will press ahead with the frequency of continuous downward movement.



11, The time axis

    The time axis contains layer and frame.

    To arrange the graphics, image sequences and time and in what way to play.

    Square and circle space, called the blank key frame (there is nothing),

    When on stage when drawing shape, the circle of black, said the key frame. All the graphics rendering, are plotted in the key frame. When no key stage, is not the drawing. The following diagram.



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Posted by Wilbur at December 05, 2013 - 2:22 AM