Python development _python installation

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Python runs on almost any platform, such as we are familiar with: Windows/Unix/Linux/Macintosh.

Here we talk to, install Python in Windows operating system.

Operating system: Windows 7,32 I

When the installation of the python, we can not only from the source is installed, but also can be installed with has been compiled and packed binary version, I choose here is the latter.

Step 1 download the installation package

We are from the python official website: download the python installer

I choose here is: python-3.3.2.msi

Click to download the installation package to get the: python-3.3.2.msi. This installation package size: 19.3 MB 

Step two installation

Download: python-3.3.2.msi access to the installation package, we double-click python-3.3.2.msi can install operation

I install directory: E:\Python33

Click Next, namely, installation, the installation process needs a few minutes

Click Finish to complete installation.

Set step three path

In general, we installed the Python and can be used directly. Interactive mode can enter Python at the command line to see if you can enter the Python,

If you can not enter, there may be environmental variable problem, need to make some adjustments.

Add the Python path in the Windows directory:

The command prompt: similar to the environment variable%path% C:Python, enter the path;,

Or you can operate in the graphical interface to set environment variables, the computer -> -> properties; advanced system settings -> -> environmental variables

Step four effect

After the installation of the installation directory file:

To this, the installation of Python it is a success.

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Posted by Nathan at November 24, 2013 - 12:25 PM