The difference between flow limited and unlimited (the purchase of the host for

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When the buy American server generally have two options:

1 limited bandwidth, limited flow:
100M alone, restrict the flow of 2000G. Beyond 2000G, need to pay another traffic charges.

2 the bandwidth is limited, do not limit flow:
10M dedicated bandwidth, do not limit flow. Through simple calculation can be obtained, if the server has been running for 24 hours with 10M bandwidth, one month altogether can use up to 3000G flow. But under normal circumstances flow are peaks, such as night flow will be significantly less than during the day. For a month the 10M bandwidth server general usage is about 2000G.

All our DiaHosting server is the main route of the standard 100M dedicated bandwidth to directly access the room up to 50Gbps, directly guarantees all customer network quality.
maybe a customer asked, if your VPS with a VPS 100M bandwidth occupied the mother how to do, very simple, we will immediately contact the server room, temporary upgrade to 1G bandwidth, to meet the needs of everyone.

The following flow chart for the flow we a machines a month, as can be seen from the chart, the peak time, our server bandwidth utilization as high as 40M, a month in total consumption of nearly 7000GB flow, as you can imagine, if we take the bandwidth is limited to 10M words, the visits customers almost loss will be 70%. Maybe a customer asked, why we server can use so much traffic, but not 2000G, the answer is very simple, we buy a lot of traffic for our customers to use, which is why we VPS the price will be expensive.


Customer case

The following flow chart for our high-end customer flow chart: as you can see, the client use every day flow up to 150G, a month is up to 4500GB, if the customer VPS is on a limited 10M bandwidth on the server, it will happen?

If your site traffic is very large, please contact our customer service, we can give you a large flow and affordable solution.

Customers 1:


Customers 2:


Conversion between flow and PV

For our most low-end VPS, we provide the 200G flow, if you feel 200G estimates only enough for a blog, estimation tools that estimate a 10M bandwidth is only 10 blog.

Of course the answer is wrong, we will through the calculated 200G in the end how to run PV:

200G can use 6G more than the flow of every day, for the general site, if the picture is not much, a page size of 60KB, we simply calculate:

6G = 6 * 1000 * 1000 KB
So every day can run PV is about 6 * 1000 * 1000/ 60 = 10W PV

When your site to 10W PV, estimated that you should have changed more high-end VPS.?

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Posted by Oliver at November 12, 2013 - 3:43 PM