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Explanation: 1 black bar position downward coverage says the pictures transverse tensile, tension in the region only
                        2, the black line. The right coverage said picture longitudinal stretching, stretching the area only   
                        3, the position to the left black area covered by said longitudinal display the contents of the regional picture
                        4, the black line. The area covered by said picture horizontal display content area
                        No black strip position covering the area remains the same picture drawing (for example, when, four angle image curved when the image is stretched, arc four angle will not change)
         5, If mistakes or part, hold down the shift key, click the left mouse button to remove the black strip
         6, On the right side of the 3 black figure area to display the current drawing effect
         7, Choose a good area, click on "save file- 9-path, save the picture, called the suffix xxx.9.png, the picture effect

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Posted by Paula at February 02, 2014 - 7:46 PM