Ruby/Rails tutorial -Hello Ruby

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The project need, my Ruby began. At the beginning of the study will be a variety of dishes of confusion, but as Developer, learning new knowledge is the basic skills of our. He decided to write what, from my own record growth trajectory.

From the very first Hello World, a good entry way to ruby is through the website of the Document entry: I have to do is to practice more, more to find more API. Check the information also found some good websites, as the Ruby practice is a good way.


There are 6 lesson, follow the lesson from the start of. First make the syntax of Ruby, then contact under the framework of Rails, it was discovered that the original Ruby is so beautiful.

2 RubyGame site

To play the game the way to submit a weekly Ruby operation, faster and shorter.

3. Ruby Koans

Click to download directly from Git. All you have to do is step by step, run test, the goal is to make all the test. See what you don't understand, what you need to learn. The most direct way, to promote their own learning.

4 Rails best practices

In order to post the form carries on the practice of sharing. There are many legends expert~

5 Ruby on Rails actual Bible

Ruby/Rails learning good Chinese document does not see more, this is from the Taiwan compatriots to write. Praise

6. Tutorial Ruby on Rails

Looks very professional tutorial. Many have a look English is also good

7. Ruby on Rails tutorial

Online reading PDF tutorial, if you pocket well-off, also can download

8. Ruby on Rails Tutorial Guide

Rails very good learning tutorial.

Chosen for their taste, adhere to is the first step.

Welcome welcome to supplement, and deeply appreciate the company to give me all the help and guidance of the brother and sister~

Hello Ruby, I'm coming.

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Posted by Samuel at January 23, 2014 - 9:45 AM