[fly] nginx use stub_status to view the moon, connections, auth_basic to restric

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Nginx configured, now want to have a look the nginx link, how to do?


This simple, nginx HttpStubStatusModuleChs



1 rapid configuration

Only need to join the stub_status on in the location configuration can be below;



    location /feilong-nginx-status {

        stub_status on;



Use the feilong-nginx -manager v2.0 under heavy load the configuration file


The visit next have a look




The following information display


Active connections: 7
server accepts handled requests
 73 73 348
Reading: 1 Writing: 1 Waiting: 5


Each of the parameters. :



Active connections

The number of active connections to the back-end initiated.

Server accepts handled


Nginx have 73 connections,

73 handshake was created successfully (without fail proof),

A total of 348 request processing.


Nginx read Header information of the client.


The number of Nginx Header information is returned to the client.


Open the case of keep-alive, this value is equal to active – (reading + writing),

Which means that the Nginx has finished processing, waiting for the next request command resident connection.


2 security


This address must not casually by others to access, lock, lock. See Synonyms at Tomcat


2.1  auth basic


A relatively simple configuration, nginx HttpAuthBasicModule module, only just in place, plus auth_basic and auth_basic_user_file two parameters


  location /feilong-nginx-status {

        stub_status on;

        auth_basic "feilong nginx status";

        auth_basic_user_file htpasswd;


The auth_basic used to display the user input form that basic

Which of the following auth_basic_user_file little bit complicated


2.1.1 if you installed on the server Apache

Can use its own tools to generate user name password

htpasswd -c /etc/nginx/htpasswd.users admin


If 2.1.2 is not Apache (who also with nginx, a Apache?)

  See also: How do I generate an htpasswd file without having Apache tools installed?


If 2.1.3 like Xin brother windows using the nginx test.

You can, and nginx.conf are the same files, create a htpasswd file

The inside of the username and password are as follows:






Hey, you might be found.


Windows this file, the password can be clear, can also be encrypted ciphertext


There is nothing more to say plaintext, ciphertext, can be generated online artifact used to generate making





In this way, we can access the ningx_status path needs a password



If there is no auth verification, will prompt 401 Authorization Required




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Posted by Austin at January 12, 2014 - 4:57 PM