Some problems of Windows Profile

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 The symptoms disappeared: computer desktop copied files after the restart; newly installed software will automatically disappear after a restart.
Investigation: the use of AutoRuns observation, found that installed the Mai coffee and 360 two sets of “ ” software, in addition there is no exception, task manager and no abnormal findings.
1, to be on the safe side unloading Mai coffee, restart find fault still.
2, find the lower right corner tip: enable temporary configuration file. Tracking, found the use of temporary configuration files, the original configuration file to 1.88GB, may exceed the quota limit, be forced to stop.
Google &ldquo profile exceeds size; limit”, a pile of English, too lazy to look.
Think of "windows internals" have the question, but I didn't see.
3, a temporary solution: the new user account, found out the failure phenomenon. After the restart to normal.
4, back to check my computer, I found this configuration file is 1.74GB, copied to other folders, two large file, found that the configuration file size becomes small.  

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Posted by Brant at December 10, 2013 - 4:23 PM